What you need to know about terpenes imageTerpenes are an important part of why your cannabis does what it does, and are essentially naturally occurring fragrant oils in the cannabis plant that give each individual strain it’s particular flavor, fragrance or smell. There are over 200 different terpenes found in the cannabis plant. Terpenes are not unique to the cannabis plant, they are naturally occurring in all types of fruits, plants, and herbs, and have many medicinal benefits.

Common terpenes found in cannabis


Typically associated with a citrus, lemon or orange flavor, Limonene is widely known for the ability to elevate mood and relieve stress. Limonene is a potent antibacterial, anti fungus, anti-cancer, and has antidepressant propertie4s. It has been reported to relieve heartburn and acid reflux, as well as dissolve gallstones. This terpene is also found in peppermint, juniper, and citrus rinds.


A sweet, peppery or woody flavor accompanies caryophyllene, and it is a non-psychoactive terpene. Medically used as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antidepressant, it has also been reported to help with inflammatory bowel disease(IBD). This terpene is also commonly found in oregano, pepper, basil, hops, and cloves.


Myrcene is associated with a musky, earthy, citrus or herbal flavor. The effects include relaxation, sedation, and the ability to increase the psychoactive properties of THC. Medical uses for Myrcene include antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory, and it has been reported to suppress muscle spasms and aid in pain relief. Myrcene also allows THC to travel to the brain more rapidly and is commonly found in lemongrass, bay leaves, citrus, thyme, and mangos.


Sharp, sweet pine needles, and pine trees are the dominant flavors associated with pinene, hence the name. Effects include memory retention and alertness, and medically it is used as an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory. Myrcene has been reported to boost energy, open airways in the lungs as a bronchodilator, and even aids in killing some cancer cells. Commonly found in conifers, sage, and pine needles.

As you can see there is a lot to know about terpenes and how they change the flavor, effects, and benefits of the cannabis you enjoy. Come on into High Level Health in Denver today and we can help you find the right terpene and flavor profile for you. Check out our Colfax or Lincoln locations and don’t forget to take advantage of our specials page to save some money!