420 friendly hotel & travel in denverA lot of folks visit the Denver area to partake in the recreational marijuana the city allows. This being said, there are still rules in place that prevent the use of marijuana in public. We have compiled a list of 420 friendly lodging in the Denver area. Please note each property has its own rules regarding what you can and cannot due regarding marijuana use on site. Most hotels allow edibles and vaping, but smoking flower is off limits. There are hefty fines involved with smoking in public as well as a laws stating you cannot smoke on a hotel balcony that is viewable to the public. Keep that one rule in mind, and you should be able to avoid fines due to enjoying your cannabis.

420 friendly hotel & travel options in Denver

Adagio Bud and Breakfast 1430 Wake St.

A 5-minute cab ride from downtown will get you to a great 420 friendly hotel. Adagio has amenities and features any marijuana enthusiast will enjoy: nightly milk cookies and cannabis, a morning breakfast weed sample bar, and they are hookah friendly!


TravelTHC is a 420 friendly room booking site similar to AirBnB with a marijuana twist. Plenty of privately owned options in the Denver area with owners that allow their guests to enjoy marijuana on site. Browse the selections and pick from a wide range of prices, locations, and features.

Colorado Cannabis Tours

Colorado Cannabis Tours is a website that can get you hotel deals with both smoke and vaporizer friendly options. They offer a wide range of prices and options, and can even pick you up at the airport. They also can arrange for a rental of a dab rig or vaporizer through their partnered hotels.

My 420 Tours

My 420 Tours is another Denver based marijuana travel company. Similar to Colorado Cannabis Tours, they can provide an entire trip for you, transportation, lodging, activities, all centered around cannabis and very 420 friendly. They offer a variety of options in and around Denver for lodging all to some level of 420 friendliness.

There are many options for 420 friendly lodging in the Denver area, remember to follow the state laws and the rules of the place you are staying, and you will have no problems consuming your cannabis. Make sure to visit either location of High Level Health for the best products in the Denver area. We have edibles, concentrates, flower, and more on our menu. Take advantage of some of our specials and then enjoy them at your 420 friendly hotel or rental, and most importantly enjoy your trip to the Denver area.