High Level Health Lincoln Street Weed Maps

Dispensary On Lincoln

Our goal at High Level Health is to provide the highest quality and widest range of cannabis products to our Colorado clients. From wax and weed, to edibles and accessories, we stock our shelves with the most desired items in the Rocky Mountain region.

If you have been searching for the best marijuana store in Denver, you can take a moment to catch your breath because we are pleased to say that you have found it! Visit us at two convenient locations.

High Level Health on Lincoln – Call us at (303) 839-9333

Our dispensary in Lincoln has many different types of Indica that can help you relax and fall asleep when the sun goes down. Of course, if you are looking for something a little more invigorating, you might enjoy any one of the multiple different Sativa strains we stock. Finally, we carry several high-grade hybrid strains including our popular Sour Banana and Kool Fuel.

We also carry a vast selection of different oils, waxes, and extracts that can be used with everything from dabbers to pens. We know all these options can work up quite the appetite and we have you covered with a full and diverse selection of more than 60 edibles. We carry infused items such as Wildflower Honey and Olive Oil right alongside baked items such as Dutch Girl Stroop Waffle Cookies and Zoots Kooki Dough Blonde.

And, if your sweet tooth and cravings still aren’t satisfied, you can sink your teeth into our gummies, fruit leathers, and chocolate bars.


High Level Health Colfax Weed Maps

Dispensary On Colfax

High Level Health on Colfax – Call us at (303) 355-9333

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the massive selection we carry within our flagship store. If you have heard about it, read about it, or dreamt about it, there is a better than even chance that we stock it in our cannabis store on Colfax. We have multiple different kinds of Indica that are very, very kind to the senses. We also have several Sativas that can perk you up and calm you down, and the well-balanced Moonwalk Hybrid that is so mellow you’ll feel almost weightless as you enjoy it.

Many of our clients at our Colfax location prefer rosins and waxes. We often have more than 20 to choose from, ranging from concentrates that can be used with dabbers to cartridges by Evolab and IndigoPro. It is our pleasure to offer one of the largest selections of concentrates in the Denver metro area within our marijuana store.

For our clients who can’t take the time to have a smoke break throughout the day, we have a vast selection of edibles for them to choose from. In fact, we have nearly 100 different products including Fireberry Bars, Wanna Gummies, and ZootDrops. We also carry a solid selection of lozenges, drinks, chocolates, and cookies that are just a little different than those that grandma used to make.

Deciding What to Buy at Either Store

Many of the clients at our marijuana dispensaries in Denver are new to the wonderful world of weed. In fact, many have questions about cannabinoids, effects, and what format is best for their lifestyle and health needs.

For example, we receive many questions about the difference between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains, so let us briefly explain.

Indica is renowned for its sedating, full-body effect that can reduce insomnia, tone down anxiety, and calm spastic muscles. On the other side of the coin, Sativa has more of an impact on cerebral functions and can alleviate depression, calm ADHD, and reduce fatigue. And, generally in the middle of the two are the Hybrid strains which can provide a balance between the most desired benefits of each.

Whatever your needs or questions, the team at High Level Health is happy to give our clients the answers they need to navigate their options and choose the best products to provide the desired results.

Keep an Eye Open for Specials

Our cannabis stores on Colfax and Lincoln have daily and weekly weed specials that you won’t want to miss. Our Weedmaps pages always have a new and exciting deal on them including bulk concentrate deals and savings on smoking accessories.

The savings and specials don’t stop there – clients who sign-up for our newsletter, and those who join our medical members club, receive regular discounts and plenty of exclusive offers unavailable elsewhere. These deals cover everything from kind bud and concentrates, to edibles. Each day, we strive to meet our goal of offering the highest quality products and best deals in the Denver metro area to our clients.

We invite you to take a look at our High Level Health specials and stop by our convenient marijuana dispensaries in Denver. The teams within our cannabis stores will be happy to answer your questions. From weed to wax, we have your needs covered and we are ready to show you why we are the most popular marijuana store in Denver.