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Dispensary On Lincoln

High Level Health on Lincoln – Call us at (303) 839-9333

Our goal at High Level Health is to provide the highest quality and widest range of cannabis products to our Colorado clients. From wax and weed, to edibles and accessories, we stock our shelves with the most desired items in the Rocky Mountain region.

Dispensary On Colfax

High Level Health on Colfax – Call us at (303) 355-9333

We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the massive selection we carry within our flagship store. If you have heard about it, read about it, or dreamt about it, there is a better than even chance that we stock it in our cannabis store on Colfax. We have multiple different kinds of Indica that are very, very kind to the senses. We also have several Sativas that can perk you up and calm you down, and the well-balanced Moonwalk Hybrid that is so mellow you’ll feel almost weightless as you enjoy it.